JULES ALEXANDER, co-founder The Association
I also met a friend, a fellow musician named Rick Allen, while attending a training school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Although Rick and I only played together once professionally, we jammed and burned it up offstage as much as we could, Rick on some broken down Navy piano and me on some out of tune upright bass.. Rick went on to have, and still has, a great career, a Grammy nomination, and a list of credits as long as he is tall which is considerable. He is perhaps the formost Blues and R&B organ (B3) player in the US of A. Rick and I still communicate and it is a great pleasure and honor to know this guy and to have shared cheap wine, a mutual past, and gales of laughter with him. Here's his website, as they say, "For a good time call http://www.rickallenmusic.com/." Visit his site and hear the real thing.